Pick up a tongue

Learn languages by audio and video chatting with learners and native speakers from all over the world.

Conversation partners

Find conversation partners

Talk to people from all over the world, speaking all kinds of languages

Improce language

Improve your language

Speaking a foreign language every day can drastically improve your language skills

Meet people

Meet new people

Make new friends and learn new cultures every day

What our users are saying?



I know many people who were looking for an experience like this, so starting with today, I won't hesitate to recommend this to them.



Wow, this site is amazing and there is nothing left to say :)



I like the simple look of this website and I've been looking for a site like this - to simply talk and practice languages - for a long time.



This site is cool and people here are so open and good.


Hinglish speaker

One of the best HTML5 sites I have seen.. great job!.

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Total languages over 90 languages
Total countries over 140 countries
Total messages over 4.5 million messages
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