Frequently asked questions

What is How do you do?

How do you do? is a web service that helps you learn and practice foreign languages by text and video chatting with native speakers and learners from all over the world. We let you find conversation partners easily and talk to them individually or in groups. Talk to a lot of people, talk a lot and you’ll see huge improvements in your conversation skills!

Who is this website for?

It’s a service for all language learners (ANY language, not only English), for foreign language teachers and schools, for linguists and for anyone willing to meet new people and cultures.

What will I gain by using this website?

Speaking a foreign language improves your fluency and your overall language skills.

Video chats with other learners are a great way to overcome your fears of speaking a foreign language.

Communicating in a foreign language is exciting and motivates you to keep learning.

Sharing your knowledge and helping others makes you feel good and boosts your confidence.

Is it free?

Yes, this is a completely free web service – no fees are required. We may display some ads inside. Please disable your AdBlocks on our site – ads help us keep this site alive!

So what’s inside, after I sign up?

Inside, you’ll find profiles of language learners and native speakers. You can start a chat with them with just one click. There are two sections inside this service – 1 to 1 chats, in which you talk to people in private, and group chats. You can text chat with others or start a video chat. We’re using a technology that enables video chatting right inside your browser, without any third party software, like Skype, needed.

What is a 1 to 1 chat?

A 1 to 1 chat is where you talk in private to other users of How do you do? You can either have a text chat or a video chat.

How can I use 1 to 1 chats?

1 to 1 chats are great for picking up foreign tongues and practicing them – any way you want. Let’s say you’re learning English. You can talk to other learners to level up your speaking skills.

You can also try and find a native speaker of English and do a language exchange.

1 to 1 chats may also be useful for teachers. For example, you can give your students tasks, that require them to obtain some specific information from people they meet on How do you do? This way, they have to use a foreign language to communicate with others and get the information they need.

What is a group chat?

A group chat is a place where many people can talk at the same time. It’s a place for topic-based discussions and a meeting point, inside which you can make new friends and find people to talk to in private. For now, you can only text chat inside group chats.

I can’t log in to How do you do? What is wrong?

Are you sure you’re using the correct email address and password? If you can’t remember your password, you can use the Forgot password? button to change it.

Even if you previously logged in using your email and password, you can also log in using your Facebook or Google account – we will connect your both accounts.

If you still experience problems, please contact us.

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