5 Ways You Are Slowing Your Progress To Fluency

The past few weeks I have been studying Spanish pretty hard. It really feels like working out. I literally feel tired after an hour of intensive study. My method has mainly been the Pimsleur audio program and LiveMocha courses in Spanish, and occasionally I have a Skype conversation with a native Spanish speaker. I am […]

Practical Hacking Plan to learn Portuguese fast

I need to learn Portuguese fast. I don’t have time for dilly-dally, clicking pictures, or time-consuming, low-yield efforts at learning the language. I need a plan to hack it, and hack it fast. Of all the writing on learning languages, there still seems to be lacking a practical layout of how to hack a language. […]

Fluency vs. Proficiency (And Why It Matters)

If you read this blog, you probably know I have been learning Spanish. It has been my first attempt to learn a foreign language in a functional, life-enhancing way, which would enable me to play, live, and do business comfortably in Latin America (among other things). I’ve discovered some things that work, and some things […]

Learning Hebrew words, our learner of the week shares his tips

Why did you choose to learn Hebrew? I was accepted for an internship with a tech start-up in Tel Aviv and decided that learning Hebrew would go a long way toward helping me fit into Israeli society. I firmly believe that learning a country’s language is not only an amazing intellectual and linguistic endeavor, but […]

Skimming and Scanning: What’s the difference?

Reading StrategiesWhen it comes to reading in a second language, strategies are every learner’s best friend. Making sure you start off with an engaging text that contains words you already know is step one in employing a new strategy . But being aware of how the strategy works and what it is designed to do is […]

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