How Language Learning is Like Learning Any Skill

As I write this blog, I think more and more about learning, in general, and learning as it relates to languages. It seems like many people who write about language learning think of languages as special cases, unlike learning to play tennis or to play the guitar. This is true to a certain extent: You […]

Finding In-Person Language Tutors / Partners

There’s plenty of information out there about how to find a language teacher or a language partner online – iTalki is the most popular option (one that I, personally, have never used). But what can you do if you would really like to have a static-free conversation, where no one’s connection cuts off? Here are […]

So you want to learn to speak a little Italian?

It comes as a surprise to some visitors that in Italy the principle language spoken is Italian. And while many Italians do speak English, many – especially among the not-so-young – don’t, and no amount of speaking English loudly and slowly will help. And even those Italians who can speak English might find it a […]

10 Ideas for Learning a New Language Five Minutes At A Time

We live in the most hurried, busy time the world has perhaps ever seen. We have more engagements, more work, more distractions to fill more hours of more days and if you are like me, you still find yourself wishing you could accomplish – just a bit more. Amongst all this business is a desire […]

Climbing the Listening Ladder to Learn Another Language

Have you built a personal listening library? As a language learner, it is important to engage with your target language through all four language modalities at all stages of the language learning journey. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner you need to be reading, writing, speaking and listening on a regular – […]

Language Learning Activity: How Word Field Practice Can Help You

“Oh, I know this word…. “Arghh…..let me think…. “I can’t even think of a related one! “It’s on the tip of my tongue! I suspect you know what I’m referring to by now – that frustrating thing that happens when you’re trying to express something and the words just won’t come to you. So. Annoying. […]

10 Free Resources For Learning Nearly Any Language

Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to learn another language you needed to either sign up for a course or fly to the country in which the language was spoken.  Resources were sparse and firmly in the hands of the teachers.  Access to books, to recordings, to courses, to anything that would be useful for […]

The Number One Rule For Learning A Foreign Language

Maybe it’s your first conversation outside the classroom. Perhaps you found a copy of a local newspaper in the language you’ve been studying. Disaster strikes – and it’s a wake-up call: you’ve still got a long way to go! So here’s the number one rule for getting your language beyond the classroom stage, and ready […]

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