How to Find an Accountability Partner for Language Learning

When we think of language learning, we most often imagine the two most common options: Learning with others, in a classroom or other study group. Learning independently, either at home or abroad. If you partake in the second option, it’s easy to feel alone. After all, the loneliness is encoded right there in the vocabulary […]

How to Use YouTube to Find Free Authentic Materials for Language Listening Practice

In the age of books, online courses, classes, and apps all dedicated to language learning, it’s become easy to assume that spending extra money is a natural and necessary part of the process. To learn, you have to invest money in learning resources. That can be true. It often is true. But it doesn’t have […]

Dialects of the Most Commonly Learned Languages

Languages vary. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. As explained in our article What is a Language? What is a Dialect?, all languages vary across multiple spectra. These spectra encompass natural linguistic variation, including regional dialects, social dialects (sociolects), registers, styles, and personal dialects (idiolects). For social and political purposes, however, such variation is inconvenient, […]

How to Choose Which Variety of a Language to Learn

When choosing a language, you may not only have to focus on what language you would like to learn, but what variety of that language (known as a “dialect”) you wish to acquire. While all languages vary over distance, time, and social strata, most languages have a “standard” variety. This is the specific dialect of […]

What Are the Most Learned Languages in the World?

When choosing which language to learn, it is often interesting and valuable to ask: What are the most popular languages in the world? Though your personal reasons for learning a language will be the ultimate factors in deciding your language of study, looking around to see what languages others are learning can provide some helpful […]

How Do You Prove Your Language Level? – The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

The experience of learning a language is often likened to going on a journey to a far-off land. As a learner, you have a destination you would like to reach, with various milestones dotting the landscape along the way. There will be obstacles. In some places you will have to struggle climbing uphill, while in […]

How Social Accountability Will Revolutionize Your Language Goals

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child, I used to get that question a lot. I’m sure you did, too. My answer? An actor. I wanted to star in blockbuster movies. I imagined my face emblazoned across movie posters, my name getting top-billing on the marquee. What was your […]

How to Speak a Foreign Language More Confidently

When you hear that a friend or acquaintance knows a foreign language, what’s the first thing you ask them? If you’re like most people, you probably ask “Can you speak it?” There’s something about seeing someone speak a language you don’t know that’s a bit like magic. It’s just so mysterious, and cool! I’m sure […]

How to Start Learning a Language

So you’ve chosen which language you’d like to learn. Perhaps your sights are set on the more popular languages, like Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese. Perhaps you’ve gone the lesser-traveled route, and decided on a language like Danish, Swahili or Korean. Whatever the case, you should pat yourself on the back. You’ve taken an important […]

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