How to Find a Teacher or Coach

In our previous article, Deliberate Practice for Language Learning: An Introduction, we explored the overall concept of Deliberate Practice. As defined by psychologist and expertise researcher K. Anders Ericsson, Deliberate Practice is a set of principles that, according to research, are the foundation of “the most effective approaches to improving performance” in any skill — […]

How to Choose Language Learning Resources

You’ve chosen your language, and you’ve laid the groundwork to get started. Now we must answer the question: Where am I learning the language from? We’ve tackled some difficult questions before, but this one may be the hardest of all. Why? Because there are so many good answers, and they’re all subjective. What do I […]

How to Choose Which Language to Learn

The first question on any would-be language learner’s mind is this: Which language should I learn? It’s a difficult question. The actual number of distinct languages in this world is something that’s heavily debated among linguists and anthropologists alike, but suffice to say the number is well towards ten thousand. Sounds like a lot of […]

What are L1 and L2 in Language Learning?

“I’m no good at learning languages” If you’re reading this blog — and have a pulse — you’ve had that thought before. Languages take a lot of time, effort, and energy to learn. Every single language learner, from the earliest enthusiast to the hardened hyperpolyglot, has struggled with learning at some point or another. That’s […]

How to Find or Start an Accountability Group

Have you ever given up learning a language? After triumphantly telling yourself one day that “Yes, I’m finally going to learn this language!”, have you ever stopped studying, let go of your learning or otherwise let your fluency falter? It’s happened to the best of us, myself included. Sometimes the language is harder than we […]

How to Change Your Keyboard Language for Foreign Language Typing

Computer-based writing skills are the speaking skills of the information age. If you speak a language, you can communicate with anyone in the same physical space as you are, but if you can type a language, you can communicate with anyone who can read that language—anywhere, and at any time. These skills are important to […]

6 Types of Language Learner: Which Group Are You In?

Hey, you there! Yeah, YOU. Reading this article. Who are you? Or rather, what kind of language learner are you? “Kinds? There are kinds?” you may ask. Oh, sure. Many kinds. In the age of the Internet, language learning as both a hobby and a professional pursuit is more widespread than ever before. With more […]

Deliberate Practice for Language Learning: Finding Your Focus

There is a myth in language learning that suggests that the fastest gains in ability will come to those who spend the longest amount of time studying per day. Dive into online language learning forums, and you’ll see people discussing, debating, and promoting the merits of studying for two to three hours a day, or […]

Setting Goals & Building Skills

In this article series, we’ve been examining a concept known as deliberate practice; a research-backed method for improving performance in any skill up to the highest levels possible. In our first article, we took a bird’s-eye view of the concept, looking at its various necessary components. In our second and third article, we began a […]

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