Language Learning Activity: How Word Field Practice Can Help You

“Oh, I know this word…. “Arghh…..let me think…. “I can’t even think of a related one! “It’s on the tip of my tongue! I suspect you know what I’m referring to by now – that frustrating thing that happens when you’re trying to express something and the words just won’t come to you. So. Annoying. […]

10 Free Resources For Learning Nearly Any Language

Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to learn another language you needed to either sign up for a course or fly to the country in which the language was spoken.  Resources were sparse and firmly in the hands of the teachers.  Access to books, to recordings, to courses, to anything that would be useful for […]

The Number One Rule For Learning A Foreign Language

Maybe it’s your first conversation outside the classroom. Perhaps you found a copy of a local newspaper in the language you’ve been studying. Disaster strikes – and it’s a wake-up call: you’ve still got a long way to go! So here’s the number one rule for getting your language beyond the classroom stage, and ready […]

Speaking a foreign language when you’re an anxious perfectionist

After putting it off for way, way too long (more on that in an upcoming post), I jumped into trying to speak German semi-regularly about 8 months ago. I started using the Tandem app, chatting with folks, and making fairly regular phone calls. I’ve since made some great friendships with a number of people, many […]

Vocabulary Myths – Myths to Look Out for when Learning a Language

I recently read Vocabulary Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching and really enjoyed it. I also see that I posted about a distilled PDF about this 8 years ago (wow, time flies!). Check that out if you’d rather not read the whole book. However, I think it’s certainly worth your time. It’s a fairly short […]

3 Essential Resources for Daily Language Learning

Nowadays, everyone who aims to learn a new language wants to know the answer to a single, insidious question: Which language learning resource can I use to reach fluency in the shortest time possible? This question is built on two incorrect assumptions: That there is one resource that will address all of your language learning […]

What is a Linguist?

Let’s begin with another term with a couple of very different meanings: the linguist. What is a Linguist? According to the Oxford Dictionary of Current English, the word linguist has two principal meanings: A person skilled in foreign languages. A person who studies linguistics. This is a term that generates considerable controversy amongst language enthusiasts, […]

How to Find a Teacher or Coach

In our previous article, Deliberate Practice for Language Learning: An Introduction, we explored the overall concept of Deliberate Practice. As defined by psychologist and expertise researcher K. Anders Ericsson, Deliberate Practice is a set of principles that, according to research, are the foundation of “the most effective approaches to improving performance” in any skill — […]

How to Choose Language Learning Resources

You’ve chosen your language, and you’ve laid the groundwork to get started. Now we must answer the question: Where am I learning the language from? We’ve tackled some difficult questions before, but this one may be the hardest of all. Why? Because there are so many good answers, and they’re all subjective. What do I […]

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