3 Reasons Grammar Isn’t Important for the SAT Essay

The SAT writing section is pretty intensely focused on grammar nitty-gritty. If you want to ace it, or even score over 600, you’re going to need to know the rules. Most of the multiple choice questions hone in on how well you know things, like passive vs. active verbs or subject-verb agreement. Take a look […]

7 myths about bilingual individuals that may be holding you back!

Multilingualism causes language delays When a child is learning two or more languages simultaneously parents, teachers and even pediatricians sometimes worry that this may lead to language delays in children. Yet this is certainly not the case! Researchers have observed children across the spectrum and have found that being multilingual does not cause additional delays […]

6 tips to feeling more natural when speaking the target language

Speaking of freshening up on vocabulary, I’ve got a great question and answer for you if you are finding yourself needing to do this. We have been talking a lot about those types of conversation that can be a little more challenging to have in the target language.  Specifically, our members have said that conversations […]

4 Tips To Teach Bilingual Kids The Past Tense

Wondering how you can teach your bilingual children to use the past tense correctly? Check out these 4 easy tips for some inspiration! Let’s start by talking a bit about grammar and children’s development.  Usually around the time children are three years old, they are going to really take off on their grammar skills.  It’s […]

Study Tips to Help You Prepare for Online Exams

Education during these unprecedented times has changed dramatically. Students are still trying to adjust to their new online classes. And now, to complicate matters, many students will have to take their final exams online as well. Managing your time will be critical to exam success. Without the structure of a traditional classroom setting, it can […]

8 Language Proficiency Tests to Help You Learn & Work in the US

Signing up for extra exams is the last thing students want to do, but it could launch your career. While you’re studying for your degree, you might ask yourself — do you need English language proficiency tests to live, study, and/or work in the US? Even if English is your second language, taking a test […]

8 Amazing Tactics for Learning to Speak Any Language Fluently

Adopt some of these enjoyable tactics to learn a language into your study regimen to take the language learning to another level! You will not be sorry. One of the most admirable presents you can offer yourself is to learn a new language. Sure, you acquire new words and appear intelligent in front of strangers […]

The Best Apps to Polish Up Your Academic Writing

Editing is an essential part of creating a quality college paper. Meet the best online editing apps that will help you make your paper of the best quality. 7 Online Editing Apps to Write Like a Pro English essays are an integral part of the academic routine. Writing an essay, research paper, book review, dissertation, […]

TEFL & Teens: How To Keep Sane In The Classroom

Classes with teen learners split the TEFL teacher population. Many teachers look forward to their teenage classes and find that they provide the most interesting lessons, whilst others just don’t know where to start. If you fall in to the latter camp here are some tips to help you keep sane in the classroom: Show […]

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