Best audiobooks to learn Spanish

Do you spend some time commuting every day and want to spend this time more usefully? Listening to some of the best Spanish audiobooks for beginners is a great way to learn Spanish! Whether you are walking, driving, commuting in public transport, or merely sitting in traffic, listening to Spanish audiobooks will enhance the Spanish […]

How to Compliment Someone in Spanish

Learning how to compliment someone in Spanish is a great skill, underestimated by some learners. Compliments can be very important and can have a great influence on friendship, on a business or romantic relationship – of course, if you give them at an appropriate time and use the correct language. It can also be quite important […]

Express your moods and feelings in Spanish

When it comes to Spanish conversation, many learners feel stuck when they need to express their moods and feelings in Spanish. It often happens due to a limited vocabulary and a lack of speaking practice.  It can get a bit boring if you can only use “Me gusta” or “No me gusta” when you describe your feelings in Spanish. […]

The best ways to learn Spanish fluently

Learning a language is a fascinating process! Imagine the trips to all those exotic countries and all the experiences with people from different cultures that you might explore.  But the truth is, if you’ve never learned a language before, you might get confused not knowing where to start and how to find the best ways […]

Does Texting equal Bad Grammar?

Does texting your friends on the phone equal bad grammar? Certainly not. Do not let pseudo scientific studies, carried out by language apprentices at some English departments, fool you into thinking that the language used by an individual to connect with a friend is bad per se. Gregory Ferenstein reports in that the “study” carried out by two “researches” from Wake […]

Improving French Listening Comprehension: Anything Short Will Do

I am always in search of videos on the Internet to help my clients improve their French listening comprehension and increase their vocabulary. Since an hour lesson is too short to watch a movie and work on it, I particularly favor anything short. Thus, I spend countless hours surfing on the web and watching videos […]

How to Make the Most out of Introducing Children to a Second Language

From the age of eleven, when I had my first French lesson, I have always loved learning languages. My first linguistic triumph was during a family holiday to France when I used all of the four phrases I knew in French to communicate with the toddler who lived in the farm next door to where […]

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