Deliberate Practice for Language Learning: Finding Your Focus

There is a myth in language learning that suggests that the fastest gains in ability will come to those who spend the longest amount of time studying per day. Dive into online language learning forums, and you’ll see people discussing, debating, and promoting the merits of studying for two to three hours a day, or […]

Setting Goals & Building Skills

In this article series, we’ve been examining a concept known as deliberate practice; a research-backed method for improving performance in any skill up to the highest levels possible. In our first article, we took a bird’s-eye view of the concept, looking at its various necessary components. In our second and third article, we began a […]

Tools for Self-Assessment

Language proficiency tests are the most accurate and efficient way to officially prove your language level. The most widely-available and accessible of these tests are based on three major proficiency frameworks: the ILR scale, the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, and the CEFR. There’s one problem, however. Taking proficiency tests requires you to have time, energy, and […]

Dialects of the Most Commonly Learned Languages

Languages vary. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. As explained in our article What is a Language? What is a Dialect?, all languages vary across multiple spectra. These spectra encompass natural linguistic variation, including regional dialects, social dialects (sociolects), registers, styles, and personal dialects (idiolects). For social and political purposes, however, such variation is inconvenient, […]

Comparing CEFR, ACTFL, & ILR Proficiency Scales

If you’re out to prove your language level, you may find it difficult to determine which of the three major language proficiency frameworks is right for you. From the ILR scale, to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, to the CEFR, navigating the maze of levels, descriptors, and skills can be somewhat overwhelming. To avoid this, efforts […]

How Do You Prove Your Language Level? – The CEFR

On any journey, it’s human nature to want to know where we’re going, and how long it will take us to get there. That’s why we use maps. That’s why our roadsides are practically littered with signposts, milestones, and other landmarks that serve to tell us where we are, which way to go, and what […]

What Are the Most Learned Languages in the World?

When choosing which language to learn, it is often interesting and valuable to ask: What are the most popular languages in the world? Though your personal reasons for learning a language will be the ultimate factors in deciding your language of study, looking around to see what languages others are learning can provide some helpful […]

How Do You Prove Your Language Level? – The ILR Scale

What’s the point of proving your language level? There are many answers, but they all boil down to one thing: representation. If you want to prove your language skills, you’re looking for a grade or ranking that represents how good you actually are at a given language. Normally, these grades and rankings sit on a […]

Repetitive Listening: The Minimalist Way to Improve Your Listening Skills

Play it again! Growing up, I’m sure my mother heard me say that phrase over and over again. I was obsessed with movies. And with specific movies. If I liked a certain film, I’d watch it several times a day, memorizing and re-memorizing every line viewing after viewing. And this is despite the fact that […]

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