Online Resources to Help Support Multilingualism for You and Your Child

Before you do anything else, make sure to check out what is available online. Whether you are looking for other like-minded multilingual parents, language resources for your children or radio stations that you can stream from your laptop, you just might find it with the click of a few keyboard keys. To help head you […]

The pros and cons of teaching English online

Becoming an online ESL/EFL teacher: the pros and cons When we all first considered being ESL/EFL teachers, what we had in mind was interacting with students face-to-face in a classroom, after all that is the way it has always been. However, in the past few years online English teaching has become more and more popular, […]

The importance of English Exam Help

English exam help, especially for IELTS and TOEFL is very important. These are the most globally recognized assessments for the English Language. With a satisfactory score, you can easily get accepted into top universities and even be awarded visas for studying or living abroad. Over the past five years, I have helped many students in […]

The Best FREE Resources For Learning A Second Language

Lots of people ask me for help with starting to learn a second language – they know they want to speak Italian or German but they’re not sure how to start learning from home, or which language learning resources to use.  In this post I’m including all the resources I think will help you to learn your second […]

How many hours does it take to learn Spanish?

Are you planning to start studying Spanish or have you been studying Spanish for a couple of months already? Either way, you are probably asking yourself how many hours does it take to learn Spanish Fluently? After doing big research and reading a lot of different sources, I have found a satisfying answer for myself. […]

Choosing a Spanish language school in Spain

I’ve been learning Spanish, using different programs and through Skype lessons with my Peruvian teacher from the Live Lingua website. And in my opinion, when you don’t have the opportunity to learn in a Spanish speaking country – this is the best solution because you learn directly from a native speaker.  However, to maximize my […]

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