The best way to learn British slang

The English language can be very confusing. Especially if you are learning British English. In Britain, we use a lot of slang. Slang is informal words, phrases and expressions that originate from groups of people or different regions. Slang is more common in conversational English than it is in written English. One of the reasons […]

How to use an English newspaper to help you improve your English?

If you asked any English teacher, what they think is the best ‘authentic’ reading material for you to improve your English, almost all of them would say a newspaper. I would have to agree with them. English newspapers are great. The main reason for this is because newspapers are much more current than textbooks. Textbooks […]

Why you SHOULD use Authentic Listening Materials

One of the best ways to hear real spoken English and improve your English listening skills is by watching TV series, soaps and films.  If you don’t live in an English-speaking country then this is the best way to hear real English such as; collocations, colloquial expressions, idioms, slang and even regional dialects in real context. […]

How to Create a Language Journal – and Actually Learn a Language With It

When I was training to become a translator, my language course was a pretty intense program. The pace was fast and I was expected to learn and retain a mountain of information every week, for over a year. My classmates and I all knew that we needed some way to help us retain everything. Our […]

5 Reasons Learning a Foreign Language is Easier than You Think

Some people view language learning as this mystical undertaking that only a select few people can do. One of my coworkers used to say that he didn’t have any “natural language talent,” which to him explained why he was having trouble in the German class he took at night. I just don’t buy it. I’ve […]

Do You Need Spaced Repetition to Learn a Language?

There’s a lot of buzz in language learning  about spaced repetition, and spaced repetition software (SRS) in particular. Some people would have you believe that you absolutely have to use SRS to learn a foreign language, but is that true? What is Spaced Repetition? Spaced repetition is the practice of exposing yourself to material over […]

How to Learn a Language Fast: 5 Things to Speed Up the Process

Let me guess: You want to learn a language as quickly as possible. I don’t blame you. My site is about learning foreign languages and enjoying the journey, but I also know that people are often learning a language for a reason and want to start using their new skills ASAP. This article is about […]

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