Is Portuguese a hard language to learn?

Portuguese and English: One happy language family People interested in language learning are always asking me: “Is Portuguese a hard language to learn?” My answer remains the same: “Well, it depends.” That’s because there are 7,102 distinct living languages estimated to exist in the world (Ethnologue, 2015). Both English and Portuguese belong to the Indo-European family, which contains […]

7 Creative Tips for Learning a Language

It’s a myth that language learning is all work and no play but there’s more to fun&games than avatars and competitive leader-boards. Check out these tips on how to infuse creativity into your learning routine for an inviting experience no language enthusiast could pass up. Liven things up Nothing’s better to keep up your motivation […]

12 Ways to level-up your Brazilian Portuguese

I remember my first trip to Rio de Janeiro. Although I was blown away by the scenery, charmed by the locals and inebriated by the caipirinhas, do you know what I most remember? Not understanding a thing. I thought my Portuguese was okay before visiting Brazil. But boy was I wrong. The hallmark lazy Rio […]

10 Things learning Italian has taught me

I have made learning Italian a lifestyle choice. I studied Art History in Florence and sixteen years after my Florentine college adventure concluded, Italy was still weaving its magic over me. I ached with “nostalgia” or homesickeness for Italia. To fill the sentimental void, I decided to resume my language studies. Since then I have learned […]

10 Tips for Conversational Spanish

We all wish we could be better conversationalists, both in our native tongues and new languages, and WE CAN be! But because every language learner is as unique as the conversation they make, there’s no one size fits all solution. That’s why it’s helpful to imagine 4 key settings where you plan on doing most of your speaking. […]

How you can learn Spanish fast

Learning Spanish quickly and efficiently Everyone knows that learning a language can take time, but if speed and efficiency are priority, than there are some shortcuts you should know about that will help you enhance your progress and achieve your fluency goals in a fraction of the time. What you really need is a daily dose of […]

Easy To Learn Languages- Duolingo vs Memrise

Today’s We are providing information about Duolingo. Easy to learn languages by using Duolingo. Many people want to learn Foreign languages. Duolingo provides you details of all languages. Duolingo app provides to learn that Grammer, verbs, and other things. We brought you a platform that will help you learn languages ​​easily. Duolingo Chinese, Duolingo German, […]

Learn italian online yourseft effectively courses

More and more people have acknowledged the importance of language. Language is the tool of thinking, language connects people, language gives you access to knowledge. Consequently, more and more people learn foreign languages. There are various reasons for this: for traveling, getting better positions and better jobs, expanding their business network, improving and protecting their […]

Best online spanish courses for learning

People learn foreign languages for many reasons: for travelling to the country of their dreams, to take further steps in their career, to improve and protect their brain by giving it some exercises every day, to graduate as foreign languages is a compulsory subject at their school or university. Some people learn foreign languages simply […]

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