6 Interesting Ways For Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Learn a new language

People’s comfort zones vary greatly but one thing a majority of people feel uncomfortable about is starting up a conversation with a stranger. By learning a new language you can learn how to feel more comfortable speaking to strangers.

There are lots of sites that can help you with that: italki.com, Speaky – Social network to learn languages online, verbling.com. You can start with just text conversations, and when you build some confidence move onto voice and video calls.

Break routines: find new routes to work, fitness, friends,…

Most of us always take the same route to work or school. Well, if you want to break out of your comfort zone, try to find new routes that you haven’t taken before. It’s probably a detour, but on the other hand, who knows what you will discover on your new route.

Go to the dentist

These is so simple and yet so hard for most of the people. People are just so afraid of dentists that going to the dentist is really the ultimate ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ trick. Find a good dentist and just go there, for example dentist Los Angeles. Use Google and you will find lots of dentists with huge experience and lots of good comments.

Cold calling strangers

If you are uncomfortable cold calling strangers, then this exercise is for you. Write down 10 things that you don’t know but would like to know. E.g., “How did they prove the existence of gravitational waves?” Then call up strangers that might know the answer and try to get the answer from them. If they don’t know it, let them refer you to someone who might know.

Record yourself on video and post it to Youtube

Speaking to a camera feels weird at first. As does hearing your own voice. So record a video of yourself! Afterwards publish the video on Youtube.

Ask a random stranger to take a picture with you

He will probably say ‘no’, but that’s not the point!

And an extra one: Sneaky Cards

Turn this into a game with Sneaky Cards. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. Sneaky cards are an interactive scavenger hunt that inspires creativity and rewards audacity: Take a selfie with a stranger, give an anonymous gift, become a flash mob of one.

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