What is language? A simple tool we are the best at, for now…

We are a lot of animals on planet Earth to be equipped with one body, one mind, two eyes, two ears, one larynx and one tongue. Some animals display two sets of eyes; some have long tails, sharp teeth, strong carapaces. Some others are capable of seeing in the dark quite well or of uttering […]

Assimil course: my favorite method to start learning a language

For those who are wondering : no, I don’t speak all the languages mentioned below. I just happen to have an unfortunate tendency to feel like learning all languages at the same time … Let me declare it very solemnly : my favorite method to begin learning a language is by far the With Ease collection of […]

How to transform your passive vocabulary into an active one

This long word list locked behind opaque doors Passive vocabulary are all those words that we understand when we hear or read them, but that we don’t use. It’s logically opposed to active vocabulary that we understand AND use. When we are beginning to speak in a foreign language, we often find ourselves in the […]

Alphabets of the world but also syllabaries and logographies

A single drawing being worth a thousand words, please look intensely at the one below. Thank you very much … Alphabets Alphabets are composed of letters representing the simplest sounds possible. Although the letters of the Arabic alphabet you can see a sample of above have little names, they really are only the little names of […]

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