How to Make the Most out of Introducing Children to a Second Language

From the age of eleven, when I had my first French lesson, I have always loved learning languages. My first linguistic triumph was during a family holiday to France when I used all of the four phrases I knew in French to communicate with the toddler who lived in the farm next door to where […]

Tools to learn Spanish – Learning Spanish with the BBC

When learning a language, we not only deal with our lessons, grammar exercises or lists of vocabulary. One of the things I tell my students is that they have to read, watch or listen to Spanish media. In the Internet age we have plenty of material that can help us learning Spanish in a fun […]

How to Get On The Road to Success as a Language Learner

Any journey will have its difficulties Language learning presents different types challenges at different points along the experience. This time round I wish to look at language learners who have difficulty in achieving blast off.  These are the learners who put in a lot of (well at least some!) energy at the start but don’t […]

Great Free Resources for Learning British English

As you know, there are different dialects of English around the world like British English, American English, Australian and so on. In most cases it does not really matter which English dialect you learn as long as you try to stick with it and don’t mix up different Englishes. When you learn English as a […]

Which is the Best Language to learn for a Job in the UK?

We already wrote quite a bit about globalization, that the right language skills are essential in the globalized job market and can therefore give job seekers not only a competitive edge over other applicants but also result into better payment and a lower risk to lose a job. While English is still dominating global trade […]

Why Literal Translation of Spanish Idioms sounds Greek to you

Language is not logical, and does not have to be: it is an art, not a science. An idiom, for example, is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements. If we hear that someone has kicked the bucket we know he has died, and we never stop to think about kicking or buckets. We […]

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