How to Use Language Games to Help Your Child Learn a Second Language

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to help your child learn a second language, you should try using language games. Games can help children to learn new words and phrases, and they can also be a great way to practice using the language in a fun and relaxed setting.There are a wide […]

When To Consider Translation Agencies?

The first time I heard the phrase, “Translation agencies save businesses money” I thought it was an exaggeration. Then a few weeks later I was reading in the news about how the French government had ordered its language to be English. It had been the French who had first used the term “English” to distinguish […]

How useful is Latin in the Modern World?

Latin is a very helpful and versatile language that has served many purposes for generations of people. Today, it is one of the major languages of business and trade because it is widely used in the scientific and medical communities. It has even spread to the extent that millions of people have learned to speak […]

The Pleasure and Pain of Self-Translation

Self-literal translation has the potential to be a powerful method for translating text from any language into a second language. In theory, a person’s very own experience and interpretation of language can help them to produce the desired translation. The most common approach to this is through passive (or submissive) translation where the translator selects […]

What You Need To Know When Translating English To Latin

Many individuals have difficulty learning the basics of a second language when it comes to Latin America. English is of course one of the most commonly used languages on earth. In many Latin American countries, English is considered as their official language. This means that if you want to learn the language, there are specific […]

What to do if I don’t get the correct word when I write English?

While you are writing a mail, an article or a report, there could be occasions when you don’t get the correct word to express your idea. It happens to everyone, even to native speakers of English. Haven’t you faced such an issue even when you were writing in your mother tongue? What can you do […]

How hard is it for ESL students to learn business English?

English coaching and training programs are springing up all over the world. Even in countries where most of the population are native English speakers, language coaching centres are coming up. ESL programs are a rage in many countries, including in countries where English is the major language. People often are worried about how hard it […]

How to improve your business English?

Business professionals all over the world are looking at how to improve their business English. It is because how well you can present yourself and your ideas in the English language has been considered one of the indicators of your skills and abilities. It is difficult for a non-native speaker of the English language to […]

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