Best Spanish learning youtube channels

YouTube is an amazing platform for foreign language learners: it’s free, it’s always available, be it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC; it offers a great variety of channels. The best Spanish learning YouTube channels you’ll discover in this article will help you practice different aspects of the Spanish language and improve your general Spanish level greatly. 

How these best Spanish learning YouTube channels can help you

YouTube is an amazing resource for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

• It is free
• It is easily available on different devices, you only need an internet connection
• It offers a variety of resources in Spanish: language courses for different levels, movies and TV shows, songs of your favorite artists, vlogs by native speakers, and many more
• Videos on YouTube can be slowed down to help you understand fast speech
• You can communicate with people in the comment sections in your target language
• There are so many channels, that if you don’t like one – even if it’s a popular channel for Spanish learners – there are dozens of other good channels waiting to be discovered by you
• It is constantly being updated with new relevant materials 

It can even be argued that you can learn Spanish almost entirely with YouTube channels: there are channels that focus on vocabulary and grammar, there are other channels that will help you practice listening and reading, and even touch upon speaking and writing. To learn about different topics, expand your vocabulary, and improve your listening, you can watch science, sports, cooking or other channels.

A lot of newspapers and TV channels have their own YouTube channels that you can check out – and follow the world news while practicing Spanish at the same time. 

However, I would say that YouTube works best when paired up with other resources. For instance, you can use some of the best Spanish learning YouTube channels to supplement your lessons with a tutor, or pair them up with some good Spanish learning apps or podcasts for learners of Spanish. 

In this article, I have gathered a few of the best Spanish learning YouTube channels, but I also tried to give you some variety: the channels you’ll see below focus on different aspects of Spanish, offer content of different levels and on different topics. I am sure you will be able to find one that matches your level and your interests. Let’s dive in!

1. SpanishPod101

This is truly one of the best Spanish learning YouTube channels out there because it has practically everything.

Here are some of the things you can find there:

• Short 3-minute lessons as well as longer (up to 30 minutes and some even up to one hour) videos with in-depth coverage of a topic
• Videos on vocabulary, grammar, as well as general advice on how to learn Spanish more effectively
• Spanish spoken in Spain as well as Latin American Spanish varieties, such as Mexican Spanish
• Beginner materials as well as advanced materials
• And much more!

There is probably only one disadvantage that this channel has: with such a variety, it is easy to get a little lost. However, videos are divided into playlists, and all the titles are very clear.

2. Easy Spanish 

When you are a beginner, it may be a bit scary to talk to – and even just to listen to native speakers speak. They talk so fast, they use many unfamiliar words… Easy Spanish will help you cope with this fear. It is one of the best Spanish learning YouTube channels to help you with your listening.

The main content of the channel: relatively short (5-15 minutes) videos, in which native speakers answer questions on different topics – culture, sports, everyday things, social media, etc. The language is relatively simple, but there are also subtitles and translations into English to help you. 

In addition, there are some videos explaining grammar, providing useful vocabulary, and giving general useful tips on learning Spanish. 

If you are not sure that you are ready to listen to native speakers, you can start by checking out some of the most common Latin American Spanish phrases or useful Spanish phrases for conversation on my blog – they will help you prepare a little bit.

3. SpanishDict

SpanishDict is all about vocabulary – and some grammar as well. 

The main content of the channel is 10-minute vocabulary and grammar lessons, focusing on basic Spanish. It’s a good resource for beginners. All the material is explained well and examples are provided. 

There are also a few videos focusing on pronunciation of some of the key Spanish vocabulary – pronounced separately as well as in phrases and sentences. 

Unfortunately, no new materials have been added to the channel for a while. However, it is a solid basic course that will help you get started. It is well-structured and takes you from simpler to more complex topics.

4. Butterfly Spanish 

No list of best Spanish learning YouTube channels would be complete without Butterfly Spanish. Despite its videos being quite simple – just the host and a whiteboard – it is very informative and effective. 

It is also very entertaining. The channel host has a positive and inviting personality, and the explanations are clear, in-depth and quite often fun. 

The videos are from 10 to 40 minutes, and the level ranges from beginner to advanced. For instance, you can find videos on the alphabet and pronouncing certain sounds on the channel, but also vocabulary for going to the bank, the difference between ‘muy’ and ‘mucho’, or a detailed explanation of the meaning and use of ‘se’ in Spanish.

5. Señor Jordan

If you are tired of typical and boring lessons, and you want something that is a little different, this might be a channel for you. There are songs, jokes, comedy skits, short stories… But they are all aimed at learning Spanish. Isn’t that amazing?

The host of the channel could be a stand-up comedian – he is constantly cracking jokes. But he also presents all the material in a clear and understandable way, with a little additional entertainment. Haven’t you always wanted to hear a song about Spanish irregular verbs or indirect objects?

The videos are usually short, 5-10 minutes. There are materials for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced learners. There are playlists with clear names and descriptions, so you won’t get lost.

6.  The Spanish Dude 

Here is another very entertaining channel. In fact, to be honest, all the best Spanish learning YouTube channels are very entertaining in their own way – you are guaranteed to not be bored.

This fun channel features 5-20 minute videos with great grammar explanations: the difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, reflexive verbs, ‘saber’ vs ‘conocer’, possessive adjectives, and many other topics. There are also some videos explaining vocabulary nuances and giving Spanish learning tips.

The level is beginner to intermediate, and there are over one hundred videos to help you improve your Spanish.

7. Lightspeed Spanish

Here is another channel where you can get a little bit lost at first. There are over 700 videos, that include vlog diaries, interviews, songs, pronunciation videos, grammar and vocabulary lessons, talks on cultural topics, and much more. 

This may be a bit confusing, but it is also great. You get to hear different people, not only the hosts, speaking Spanish and you practice a variety of skills and aspects of the language. 

Some videos are as short as 2 minutes, but most are around 10-15 minutes long. They cover all the levels, from absolute beginner to advanced – you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits you.

Lightspeed Spanish is also an immersion Spanish course that the hosts offer, so there is a little bit of advertising on the channel, but it is not annoying and can actually be useful Spanish practice as well: for instance, there are interviews with course teachers held in Spanish.

8. Why Not Spanish

Here is another one of the best Spanish learning YouTube channels that features a little bit of everything. There are grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation and listening, vlogs and interviews. 

An interesting feature of the channel are quizzes at the end of some videos – or as separate videos – that you can use to check your understanding of the material. 

There are short quick 3-5 minute videos, as well as longer ones that are 10-15 minutes long. The levels range from beginner to advanced. There are playlists divided by topics and levels, so you will be able to find your way around easily.

9. The Spanish Blog

Watching videos on The Spanish Blog is like having your personal online tutor. The videos are quite simple: the host talking straight into the camera, but the teaching is very high quality. 

There are videos on vocabulary and grammar, as well as pronunciation. There are over 500 videos on a variety of topics. The host not only presents the material but encourages you to participate, for instance, by translating words and phrases.

Each video has the level in the title: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You can easily find your way around and watch what matches your level. The videos are 3-5 minutes long – you can practice a bit of Spanish every day even if you are really busy and pressed for time.

10. Tu escuela de español

This channel is in Spanish only – there is no translation to English or any other language. It may be a bit too hard for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced learners it can be a great way to imitate a sort of immersion into the Spanish language. 

There are actually videos for beginners on the channel – marked ‘nivel básico’ – but the explanations are in Spanish only as well. If you are not a complete beginner, you can try them out, but be prepared for a lot of new vocabulary. 

The videos on the channel are fun and cover a great variety of vocabulary and grammar topics. They are usually 5-10 minutes long. The host also regularly holds live lessons on diver different gent topics that last around 50 minutes. 

How to learn best with the best Spanish learning YouTube channels

Here are some tips that can help you maximize the effect of learning Spanish with YouTube channels:• Watch videos regularly; watching a little every day is better than a lot once a week• Choose videos that match your level and interests• Write out new vocabulary and grammar in a notebook • Use an online dictionary to quickly look up words and phrases• Use the Spanish subtitles if available or slow down the video to understand better • Put what you’ve learned into practice – for instance, by leaving comments on the video you’ve just watched

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