To learn and speak several languages

I had just seen the formal form of ‘you’ for several persons in German (Sie, third person of the plural) and I didn’t know what person to use to conjugate the formal form in Portuguese. To address several persons formally, did I need to use the second or the third person of the plural ? Couldn’t remember. Sketching that little memo above allowed me to conclude that there is in fact only in Rumanian that people get formally addressed as in French with the second person of the plural. German, Portuguese and Spanish use the third person plural.

Do I have it all good or not ?

In summary, it seems to me that when we try to speak in another language, the change from one to the other is not that difficult. A word may want to come back to us only in the first language or an expression may not want to let itself be translated word for word as we would wish, but these hesitations don’t last very long.

When we learn different languages at the same time, there are a few bumps on the road to avoid like a same method that messes with our memory, but in this case too, I feel that the difficulties are not enormous nor lasting. What do you think ? Do I have it all good or not ? What is your personal experience ? Even if we speak “only” one foreign language, it’s possible to mix it up before finding the rhythm. What’s your opinion ?

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