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People learn foreign languages for many reasons: for travelling to the country of their dreams, to take further steps in their career, to improve and protect their brain by giving it some exercises every day, to graduate as foreign languages is a compulsory subject at their school or university. Some people learn foreign languages simply just because they have a passion for linguistics. Since language connects people, language gives you access to knowledge. Whatever your reason is, there are always methods to make your wish of mastering a new language come true, even if you don’t have time to attend a class at a fixed time.

If the new language you choose to master is Spanish, and if you are wondering what is the best way to learn it by yourself without attending classes at fixed time as you’re always on the go, this article is for you.

So, what are the best online courses for learning Spanish by yourself? for people who love practicing with real people:

busuu is one of the largest online communities for learning languages. You can either learn directly from native speakers around the world or use some of their interactive learning material as a Free Member. If you pay to purchase Premium Membership, you will get access to more functionality and various of extra learning materials.

Busuu is a combination of self-studying courses developed by experienced teachers and language practice environment with 60 million users who are learning languages as well as looking to exchange knowledge and communicate with others to improve their language skills and share their languages to the others.

Duolingo – for people who only have 5 minutes a day and love fun stuffs:

If you want a free course and you can only commit 5 minutes a day, Duolingo is for you.

Duolingo is pretty well-known among the sites for learning languages online. Duolingo’s online Spanish courses are designed with the aim of getting the essentials of Spanish quickly. Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive:  you earn points for your correct answers, you can race against the clock, then level up and many many more activities to keep you study every day. You will also be surprised by random funny sentences appearing in some lessons.

Oregon State University – for people who want college credits while studying online:

Studying Spanish online but still get college credits, this is what the course from Oregon State University’s got for you. Each credit costs $280. You can also transfer the credits to your recent university as well.

FluentU – for people who love a real-world experience when studying a foreign language:

Learning with FluentU is one of the most realistic ways as FluentU turns real-world videos into courses your you. There are movie trailers, news, music videos, inspiring talks and so on.

FluentU has a huge amount of authentic video contents. Every word in the videos comes with an in-context definition, image and multiple example sentences. You can even click on a word to see how it’s used in other videos across the site.

FluentU offer you a 15 days of free trial. After that there are 2 plans for you to choose: $10 and $20 per month.

Udemy – for everyone from beginners to advanced levels:

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults. You can learn from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors. In the language field, Spanish to be exact, the courses are divided into different levels: from basic to advanced. There are many courses for you to choose, according to yourlevel, your purpose, the time you can spend a day… Here are some best online Spanish courses on Udemy:

Learn Spanish Language: Complete Spanish Course – Beginners:

Spanish Made Easy (Beginners):

Spanish for Beginners:

 Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced:

Conversational Spanish Made Easy (best-selling):

Languages give you access to knowledge, therefore, the more language you can speak, the more sources of knowledge you can reach. Whatever the method you choose, remember to be patient and constant, and keep your passion up.

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