Top 5 Outstanding Translation Software Programs

With the growth of Internet and communications technology, it is relatively easier to reach audiences that are thousands of miles away purely on the back of effective translation. This in turn has resulted in a need for translation in diverse fields such as education, mass communication, science and technology, literature, tourism, religion, trade or business. Quality language translation aims to bridge the communication gap by helping companies reach a multivariate global audience by talking in a language their clients can understand and relate to. Whether it is a traditional brick and mortar businesses or an emerging online venture, translation services coupled with the rising online population offers a lucrative market that wasn’t possible 20-30 years back. However, translation by human is not always perfect, then the assistance of translation software or tools is extremely essential, reducing error as well as saving time and enhancing the translation quality. That is why today I compile this article to introduce 5 most popular translation software platforms as following.

1. Babylon Translator:

Babylon Transkator is one of the most popular translation software platforms that offers small business, large enterprises, and even independent professionals the possibility to deliver high quality service to their clients and move their business forward. With Babylon Translation Software, businesses can save time and money, thanks to its very convenient, powerful, and affordable system.

Babylon Translation software speeds up the translation process for any purposes, whether you are a CEO who needs to quickly translate emails from your foreign business partners or an elementary student who needs to translate a story for a school homework. All you have to do is click the button and you will get the most accurate translation in the quickest way possible.

Boasting of powerful translation engines and algorithms, Babylon Translation Software has been the choice for translators, business honchos, linguists, and students who want nothing but the best, fastest, and most accurate translation platform but without breaking the bank. Whether you are a business man with complex translation requirements or a student who needs a translation platform for school work and other personal purposes, there is a Babylon Translation Package that is tailored just for you.

If your enterprises constantly does business with overseas partners and customers, you know language is a barrier is you let it become one. But with Babylon Translation Software, there are no barriers, no obstacles. You and your clients and partners will definitely love the accuracy of every translation the software generates.

Software and language experts have given Babylon Translation Software high marks for accuracy as well as its ease of use. Actual users love how they can work with the software without having to exit from their emails as well as select desktop applications.

Each Babylon Translation Software product comes with very advanced features not found or offered by other similar systems. For one, its document translation capability lets you translate any document type without losing its original format. You don’t have to copy and paste text, open up new screens, or exit applications. Babylon lets you translate almost everything with just one click.


  • Unlimited Term Translations in 77 languages
  • Unlimited Full Text Translation
  • Office Documents Translated in their Original Format
  • Human Voice Text to Speech
  • Advanced Language results
  • The world’s leading dictionaries
  • Comprehensive language coverage

Pricing: Babylon Translator offers two SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select your plan:

  • Classic – starts at $9.9/month: Unlimited Term Translations in 77 languages + Unlimited Full Text Translation + Office Documents Translated in their Original Format + Human Voice Text to Speech
  • Pro – starts at $15.9/month: All Classic Features + Advanced Language results + The world’s leading dictionaries + Comprehensive language coverage
  1. Transifex

Transifex is a SaaS localization tool that allows companies to launch their product content in various languages efficiently. Designed and developed for teams with very fast development cycles, Transifex functions as a centralized location for your international content (strings, video subtitles, landing pages, etc.) and provides the environment for your translators.

With its RESTful API and Git-like command-line client, Transifex effectively simplifies the management of large volumes of content a snap while ensuring the localization remains a continuous process. It should be understood that Transifex does not perform any translation functions but gives users a reliable localization platform that can be used and access by their third-party translation agency, hired freelancing translators, or in-house translation professionals.

It is a time-intensive endeavor that is prone to mistakes, therefore putting you in a pit of revision orders if even one error is spotted. For Transifex, localization needs not be a humongous task. With it’s cloud-based platform, Transifex hosts intuitive management interfaces, web-based translation editor, APIs, and integrated apps for developers allows you to centralized all your gathered data, automate workflows and reporting among our colleague, developers, your manager, and your translation services providers.

If you are still unconvinced how Transifex can help you turn localization from a nightmare into a walk in the park, then perhaps you should get in touch with its long list of international clients. Transifex users include top companies such as Deutsche Telekom, WooThemes, Mozilla, Vodafone, Eventbrite, and Waze to name some.

If you work in a fast paced team whose success relies heavily on the quick and accurate localization of your product content, then you just can’t go wrong with Transifex.


  • File & content hosting
  • Team management & collaboration
  • Translation orders from trusted partners
  • Detailed insights & reporting
  • Translation Management
  • Translation Completion
  • Content Publishing
  • Online Translation Editor
  • Embedded Video Subtitle Editor
  • Integrations with popular tools
  • API & command-line client

Pricing: Transifex offers 5 payment plans to meet the needs of different users. Enterprise pricing for larger companies is also available by quote. Here are details:

  • Starter – $79/month (annual billing) or $99/month (monthly billing)
  • Unlimited projects & files
  • Online Translation Editor
  • Transifex Live
  • Translation Memory
  • Glossary
  • Access to translation partners
  • Integrations with popular tools
  • Email support
  • Standard – $199/month (annual billing) or $249/month (monthly billing)
  • All Starter Features
  • Embedded Video Subtitle Editor
  • Translation Memory Groups
  • XLIFF format support
  • Growth – $369/month (annual billing) or $449/month (monthly billing)
  • All Standard features
  • Import/export Translation Memory
  • View Translation Memory leverage
  • Delete Translation Memory entries
  • Advanced – $750/month (annual billing) or $900/month (monthly billing)
  • All Growth features
  • Priority Translation Memory
  • Crowdsourcing mode
  • Translation Reports
  • Priority email support
  • Pro – $1,250/month (annual billing) or $1,500/month (monthly billing)
  • All Advanced features
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Phone support
  • Enterprise – Contact for Enterprise Pricing details
  • All Pro features
  • Implementation support and data migration
  • Weekly onboarding calls with a Transifex engineer
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  1. One Hour Translation

Another solution for translation software platform is One Hour Translation, a fast, professional, easy friendly and affordable human translation service, available 24/7.

If you need the translation quickly, you can split the files into several projects so that several translators can work in parallel. Alternatively, you can contact the support and they will help you split a large file into several projects so that they can meet your deadline.

You can select the nature of your materials, e.g. legal, technical etc. OHT has expert translators that specialize in different fields. Once started, a professional translator translates approx. 200 words an hour and about 1800 words a day. To get projects done faster, OHT can allocate more than one translator per language. Here are some main functions:


MyTeam is a dedicated team of translators OHT allocates for your account. You have direct contact with your team, and they know your requirements, materials etc., thus offering consistency and quality over time. You can work directly with top-rated, experienced translators. No middlemen, no hassle, just one-on-one partnerships.

API access – translate your content dynamically

OHT’s Translation API offers a direct interface to professional translation services in real-time. Scaling with your business, the API integrates seamlessly into your CMS and automatically translates as you post new material to your site, without any further investment or training.

Branded portal

Give your users a branded portal to submit their translation projects. Let your users log into your own branded project portal, submit assignments, and communicate directly with the translators working on their projects. Allocate budget between the different departments and control their spend.

Good quality

With OHT’s Real Time Reviews technology, your translation projects are continuously reviewed by other native-speaking translators. The result is error-less translation.

Meets your deadlines, 24/7

To save your time, OHT has streamlined the entire translation workflow, eliminating all delays. Your projects start within minutes, not days. The service can split a project between several translators, working in parallel for quicker delivery. It is committed to deadlines – they add a countdown timer to your project page that shows when the translation will be delivered.

Easy to use

OHT’s intuitive project management system simplifies complex translation processes for you, so you can focus on your business goals.


  • Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab
  • Transcript Services
  • Website Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Translation Services
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Translation API
  • Translation Memory Cloud (TMC)

Pricing: two pricing packages:

  • Classic Plan
  • Language Pairs (over 3000)
  • General Translation – $0.087/word, Translation + Editing $0.148/word
  • Expert Translation – $0.149/word, Translation + Editing $0.256/word
  • Exclusive Plan
  • General Translation – $ 0.164/word, Translation + Editing $ 0.279/word
  • Expert Translation – $ 0.192/word, Translation + Editing $ 0.330/word
  1. POEditor

It is no surprise when POEditor is on the list of effective translation software as its easy friendly interface. It is stripped down to the features essential for your localization process at that moment, and adapts to your workflow as you go.

Second, the realtime translation updates. If there are more contributors translating the same language at the same time, they will not step on eachother’s toes, because they can see in real time what changes the others do.

Third, the perfect GitHub integration. Big timesaver, It’s very simple to use for contributors involved in translation / localization. They can just login, choose the project to contribute to, and start translating the sentences.

Before I came across POEditor, I was having a lot of problems in management of the translations for my individual project. Even contributors were having problem in submitting translations as they had to create a pull request on the Github and it was quite challenging for the translation contributors who generally are from non-technical background. So, I started searching for a website/tool which will help me in managing translations. I came across one answer on Quora which led me to this awesome website. The best thing about POEditor is that they support Open Source softwares and give unlimited number of hosted translations words for FOSS projects.

Pricing: 5 plans

– Free: 1 000 Strings + Unlimited Contributors + Unlimited Projects + Unlimited Languages + API Access

– Start: $14,99/month: 3 000 Strings + Unlimited Contributors + Unlimited Projects + Unlimited Languages + API Access + Translation Memory

– Plus: $44,99/month: 10 000 Strings + Unlimited Contributors + Unlimited Projects + Unlimited Languages + API Access + Translation Memory

– Premium: $119,99/month: 30 000 Strings + Unlimited Contributors + Unlimited Projects + Unlimited Languages + API Access + Translation Memory

– Enterprise: $199,99/month: 100 000 Strings + Unlimited Contributors + Unlimited Projects + Unlimited Languages + API Access + Translation Memory

  1. Smartling

Smartling has been a great choice as the translation software, especially for the service management platform because of its flexibility and ease of use. Smartling’s APIs allow us to automatically pull/push translations into our software, making translation management simple and contained. Additionally, the Smartling Translation Services team does an excellent job providing fast, high-quality translations and great support, simplifying the translation management process for our team. Platform offers an intuitive and friendly interface for account managers. The people at Smartling who support my team are proactive and responsive.

We use GDN and Business Docs, and I like that I don’t need a whole web team for our localized sites/collateral. I can pretty much play localization manager for web and print content, and Smartling is a convenient tool for project management, content storage, and translations wrapped up in one neat little package. Oh, and love that it integrates with Marketo!

The best thing is the ability to go back and forth with a translator on a single string all from within the application. The software is a huge plus, they continue to amaze me with new integrations and development of new features that make it easy to support multiple languages.


  • Website translation
  • Translation management
  • Content collection automation
  • Automatic workflows
  • Translation file organization
  • Pattern matching
  • Content exclusion
  • Document translation
  • Mobile app translation
  • Analytics integration
  • Page view reports
  • Specific URL usage insights
  • Localized images
  • Content replacement
  • Glossary and style guide
  • Translation review
  • Process automation
  • In-context view


  • Basic – $200/month (Billed Anually)
  • 50,000 Hosted Words + $40 per 10,000 words extra
  • Essential Translation Management Tools
  • Translation Memory
  • API Access
  • All Major Localization File Formats
  • Business Document Support
  • Pro – $800/month (billed anually)
  • All Basic Featues
  • 300,000 Hosted Words + $30 per 10,000 words extra
  • Popular Content Platform Connectors
  • Mobile In-App Review
  • Mobile Delivery Network Connector
  • Enterprise – By quote
  • All Pro Features
  • Global Delivery Network Connector
  • Enterprise Platform Integrations
  • Vendor Management
  • Job Management / Automation
  • Custom Workflows
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

These above are top 5 best translation software platforms that I highly recommend. I do hope that it will be helpful and assist your business to improve the translation quality.

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