The Undeniable Popularity Of K-pop Worldwide: Find Out Why!

Are you a BTS ARMY? Perhaps, you are a BLINK, supporting BLACKPINK. Or, are you part of Once, the fandom of South Korean girl group TWICE? If this is the first time you’ve ever heard about these terms, worry not, because there has to be a reason why you’re reading this article. Maybe you are on your way to becoming among the K-pop fans.

K-pop, which refers to the music of K-pop artists that go along with other pop culture brands in South Korea, such as K-dramas, K-movies and more, is unprecedentedly dominating the world. Why K-pop is so popular? This piece will answer this interesting question, providing you with the top reasons why this is ever so popular.


The Popularity Of K-Pop: Here Are The Top 10 Reasons Why K-pop Is Popular Across The Globe

The Internet has become an innovation that has continuously housed a seemingly endless amount of the arts, film, and other media. Among these is the culture known as K-pop, which is short for Korean pop music. You might have encountered K-pop before with the videos circulating on social media, such as the popular K-pop song “Gangnam Style.” However, it’s been said that K-pop is so much more than this one song.

In fact, according to statistics, in a survey conducted in 18 countries in 2020, around 22.7 percent of the respondents said that K-pop is “very popular” in their country. Creative approaches in their music videos and pure hard work set K-pop apart from other music forms. Without further ado, we present the top reasons why K-pop is indeed popular.

1. Costumes And Color Theory

One of the things that K-pop does very well is their creative utilization of colors and costumes in their music videos. In their music videos, this pop culture is seemingly taking inspiration from the rich artistic culture of Asia. These music videos are often well-thought and heavily refined, among the reasons why they easily catch your attention.

2. Storytelling

Fans love K-pop also because of the storytelling that the artists incorporate in their songs and music videos. Not all the time that artists and producers will make an effort to create a song with storytelling.

3. Personality

Personality is a criterion that K-pop fans look for. K-pop is well-known for its eye-popping, extravagant, and unique personalities, taking self-expression to a whole new level.

4. Fashion

Aside from the reasons you’ve learned above, K-pop stars also bring new meaning to fashion. The outfits of your K-pop idols are very different compared to the norm, perhaps the way a Western boy group would dress up. With these K-Pop groups being trendsetters, the fans are loving them.

5. Addicting Melodies

Pop music has become popular because of lyrics with catchy hooks that are easy to sing along with. K-pop groups, whether boy or girl groups, also do this with their song and music and even take it further by using melodies that instantly stick to the heads of the fans, even if they don’t speak the Korean language.

6. Choreography

K-pop artists are unique compared to other groups worldwide because K-pop artists are well-known for their choreographies, whether these are in music videos or live performances in various shows.

7. Training

Plus, what is unique with these K-pop artists, unlike Western pop stars, they are trained and groomed by their agencies for years before recording their first song. This intensive training makes these artists become seasoned performers, whether in their songs or dance routines. No wonder they don’t fail their supporters.

8. Diverse Talent

K-pop artists are usually singers, but they can do more than just K-Pop. These K-pop idols are also part of television shows and movies.

9. Multilingual

K-pop artists aren’t only talented and hardworking, as you see in their music videos produced for Asian countries and worldwide, but they also can speak various other languages. Not only does this appeals to fans in Asia, but this also makes K-pop artists more accessible to fans in the Western hemisphere.

10. High Concept Groups

Lastly, K-pop or Korean pop groups tend to launch highly-talented groups with original concepts. For one, Korean groups or K-pop groups promote their music and song in Korean and other languages like Mandarin. Because of this innovation in their pop music, these K-pop groups can land on music charts like the Billboard 200.


K-pop Groups Dominating The Globe: The Takeaway

Surprisingly enough, K-pop or the K-pop group creating Korean music has been already there for quite a while. When it comes to the first K-pop or the group that became the first in history, it has to be Seo Taiji and Boys. It’s also interesting to note that many other groups that have popularized K-pop’s concept have followed suit, with social media being a huge factor for their fame.

There are several benefits of being a fan or a stan, as they call it, of South Korea’s music industry. Whether you are in New York, United States, or Asia, these advantages include learning their language, learning their culture, and being part of the community. If you’re not yet a supporter of the Korean wave, we believe it’s high time that you should.

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