How to write business apology emails?

When we have made a mistake there is no shame in apologizing.

However, people often find it difficult to apologize even when they understand that they’ve made a mistake.

In business, we will often have to write apology mails to our clients and customers.

It doesn’t always mean you have made a mistake, but it means you care.

Here The Business English Blog explains how to write business apology mails to your clients and customers.

Following are some tips on how to write business apology mails.

Convey your sincere apology in words

You need to convey your apology in sincere words. Your apology should sound genuine to the receiver.

Make sure you don’t sound defensive in your email and be on the point with your words.

A simple apology always works. You don’t need to use complex words.

I apologize for the wrong attachment in my previous mail.

I am sorry for postponing the release date of the product.

Acknowledge the mistake

Acknowledging and owning the mistake is a sign of a brave person. Do that and you will gain respect from your client.

Taking responsibility for your action and redeeming yourself from the mistake you made is the right course of action.

Explain the reason for the mistake

You can explain to the client the reason for the mistake. People will accept genuine mistakes as they know to err is human.

Don’t try to deflect blame to anyone else. Remember we had taken responsibility for the mistake in the previous step.

Show empathy and explain how we realize the impact the mistake had on the client.

We understand that you lost your valuable time due to our mistake.

We realize the monetary loss you have suffered.

Reassure the client

Now that you have owned the mistake and explained the reason for it, now is the time to reassure them.

Explain the steps that you are taking to make sure that the mistake is not repeated.

Reassure the client that you will make sure to take steps to rectify the mistake.

We promise that we would be more careful in the future and would do everything possible to make sure the mistake is not repeated.

Request for forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness from the client will add a bit of humanness to your business.

It can benefit you in the long run. But make sure that you are not over-apologizing.

We once again express our regret for making the mistake.

Please accept our sincere apologies.


Using the right words and right tone to apologize to the client will help your business gain more confidence from the client.

With the right communication you can build long-term and strong client relationships, which can boost your business.

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