How to write business blog posts?

Blogs are super important for business organizations. Without a blog, businesses may find it extremely difficult to attract new clients.

You would need promotional content to engage with prospective customers and a blog is a fantastic way to do that.

Businesses of all sizes have understood the importance of blog and the ability to write good blogs is a prized skill.

We will see what steps are to be followed to write a good business blog.

Understand your audience

You are writing a blog with an audience in mind. Try to research about that audience and understand more about them.

First, you need to know why your audience may want to know about what you are writing.

Understand about their needs and aspirations, their demographic details, their interest area, and the reason they need to know about what you are writing.

Find an interesting topic to write

Now that you understand your audience well, find out what they like to read or what information they are trying to find.

It is better to write about a topic that is interesting and useful for your target audience.

Digital marketing folks would tell you to write about a topic on which there aren’t a lot of resources.

That would help your blog post to rank higher in search engine results pages easily when someone looks for information on the topic you write.

If there is already a lot of writing on the topic you choose, you will have greater competition to come on top of search engine result pages.

Create an attractive title

Much like the subject line of an email, the title of a blog post is extremely important.

It forms the basis on which someone decides whether to read your blog post or not.

Write a boring title and you are almost sure not to get a lot of people to read your blog post.

The title should be such that it prompts the reader to open the blog post and read the whole content.

It is generally a good practice to create a title as specific as possible so that you don’t mislead the readers into expecting something else other than the content of your post.

Clickbait headlines generally are abstract in nature and are created in such a way to persuade (or trick) the reader into clicking on the headline and reading the whole content.

There are broadly two ways in producing an interesting title.

You can either write the title first and then write the content or you can write the content first and taking inspiration from it, can write an attractive headline.

Research the topic

You need to research the topic and come up with data that can reinforce your blog post.

Find as much information as possible for writing your business blog posts.

Create a list of resources and read them thoroughly. Note down the points you want to include in your blog post.

If you can find expert quotes or detailed studies on the topic you chose and include them in your post.

It is also a good idea to link your blog posts to the resources you found for writing the business blog post.

Write the blog post

The most important part in creating a blog post is the actual writing part.

You have done your research on your audience, have chosen a topic, created a headline and now you must feel confident to write the post.

You can either write the whole post in one sitting or you can use shorter bursts of writing sessions to write the post.

There is no right or wrong answer here; do it as is comfortable to you.

One good thing about writing the whole post in one sitting is that you will feel more focused in writing the content.

Even if you are choosing the short bursts of writing sessions, make sure to write as much as possible in one sitting.

Writing becomes easier as you write more and more content. So never feel shy to start writing.

Even if you are not feeling great about your writing skills, you can always better your previous performance with each new blog post.

Always keep in mind that writing is 90% reading, 10% writing. Read as often as you can, and you will see that you are continuously improving your writing skills.

Add images

Assuming that you are writing for the web, make sure that you add images in your blog posts.

Adding images in your blog posts make them less intimidating and more visually appealing.

It can also give the reader the necessary break in between reading a long content, to recollect his thoughts.

Images often make a content more understandable. It gives the user the required visual stimulation while reading text content.

Review your blog post

Reviewing your blog post is a critical part of the process of business blog writing.

Reviewing the post and making necessary edits is often difficult and time consuming; but it is critical to do it.

You must obviously check for spelling and grammar errors. But there is more to editing a business blog post.

Make sure that you are not repeating any of your concepts or sentences in your blog post.

Read aloud your blog post to check the flow of your content.

It is always a good strategy to have someone else check on your business blog post before publishing.

If you can read the blog post in the reverse order, i.e., start reading from the last sentence upwards, you can easily find more errors and mistakes.

User experience experts say it is better to write short sentences to attract readers’ notice.

Write one sentence in one line, or a maximum of two sentences. That will increase the readability of the blog post content.

Most importantly, realize that you can never write a perfect blog post and it is okay.


The ability to write a good business blog post is a much sought-after skill in the corporate world.

If you can learn to do it well, it will bolster your career opportunities.

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